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Welcome, busy Jewish mom! Are you feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and struggling to find time to prioritize your health and fitness? Do you want to lose weight, get toned, and feel healthier and more energized, but find it difficult to fit into your already jam-packed schedule? We know how hard it can be to juggle the demands of family, work, and other responsibilities while trying to take care of yourself. But you don't have to do it alone.

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The Fit Momentum Membership

Your success path to a fun and sustainable health journey. Our mission is to help busy Jewish moms like you lose weight, tone up, get leaner, and create healthier relationships with food and fitness, all while making an impression on the next generation.

Finally a workout routine,  you can stick with. quick & effective at-home workouts designed with your goals in mind, easy delicious recipes, for weekday, shabbat and yom tov.

Get fit, feel fabulous, and stay on track with the ULTIMATE FITNESS AND NUTRITION membership!

What's Included inside the Fit Momentum Membership? 

  • Get personalized guidance and accountability from our team of experts through live workshops.
  • Enjoy monthly and seasonal themes to keep things fun and engaging.
  • Shape up for spring or summer, navigate the Jewish holidays, or maintain your healthy habits during weekly Shabbats.
  • Access our proven methods to help you lose weight, gain more energy, tone up, and survive peri-menopause.
  • Connect with our community of like-minded women who share your goals and challenges.
  • Celebrate your wins and stay motivated on weekly coaching calls.
  • Enjoy no-fuss recipes and meal prep guidance from our nutrition plan.
  • Stay on track and overcome obstacles with the support of our coach and tribe of ladies.
  • Access our fitness and nutrition library on demand with weekly add-ons every single week.
  • Workout from anywhere with our app, even for as little as 15 0r 30 minutes at a time, with a variety of workouts including HIIT, pilates, yoga, strength training, dance fit, Zumba, and toning.
  • Master your mindset with our proven methods to get you in fit momentum.
  • Connect with other members of the Tribe on our private FIT MOMENTUM Facebook page to ask questions, receive guidance, and daily check-ins, share your sweaty selfies, get motivated, and share your recipes and experiences.
  • App Access: The Fit Momentum membership is accessible through our app, so you can workout from anywhere

Transform your health and fitness with the Fit Momentum  membership 


We are a Tribe of Women who know what it's like to struggle with weight loss, energy levels, and maintaining healthy habits, but we're here to help.

¬†With Fit Momentum, you'll get the expert guidance, tools, and daily support to make real, sustainable progress. Don't put it off any longer‚ÄĒprioritize your health and fitness now.

Join Fit Momentum and be part of the inner circle & on your way to becoming the healthiest, happiest you!

What's inside the Membership? 

  • Support + Accountability
  • Quiz + Check-ins
  • Access to the App
  • NEW workouts uploaded weekly
  • Access to Fitness Library
  • Access to¬†Nutrition Library (hundreds of delicious & nutritious recipes)¬†
  • Personal Service (weekly Masterclass)
  • Private Community¬†group
  • Monthly Live Workshop & Group Workouts
  • Daily Support inside a Private Community Group¬†
  • Strategic wrap emails
  • Affiliate Program -for members
  • Members Discount for all courses.
  • Monthly themes
  • Fun Challenges
  • Welcome Party!!
  • BONUS #1:
    • SMART Slim Solution 12-weeks of intensive guided support with lifetime access to the self- paced course, designed to take busy women to simple sustainable health¬†& fitness in¬†90-days¬†
  • BONUS #2:
    • 3 VIP Breakthrough¬†1-on-1 Coaching¬†to your personalized Success Path, so you can get to the root of your habits, gain clarity on what your next steps are, & create an actionable plan.¬†
    • Surprise guests, experts & Bonuses await you inside the Fit Momentum Membership

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Dive into a world of weight loss, toning up, leaning down, and gaining boundless energy.

Be the inspiring example for the next generation with a healthy lifestyle.

Try it now, risk-free, and cancel whenever you want. Your transformation starts today!

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